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About Tornado Alley Armor Safe Rooms

Our F5 certified above ground safe rooms are entrapment proof, re-locatable, and can be installed on any standard concrete slab of adequate mass or geometry. They can easily be installed in a walk--in closet, spare bedroom, or the garage. Since they bolt together they can be totally disassembled from the inside, rendering them entrapment-proof regardless of door swing. We include 2 shiny 9/16” end wrenches with every storm shelter, zip tied inside for emergency egress. You CANNOT get trapped inside a Tornado Alley Armor Safe Room. Plus they are totally re-locatable and fit entirely in a van or pickup. Easy D-I-Y or Professional Installation available. We ship nationwide!

Does it matter which way a storm shelter door swings? Can I get trapped inside?

Is there a difference in strength between a storm shelter door that swings in and one that swings out? Find out here! Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Tornado Alley Armor Blog!

Welcome to the Tornado Alley Armor blog. Here we’ll be talking about severe weather safety, how to protect your family when tornadoes pop up, and much more. Stay tuned to find out the significance of this picture. In the meantime check out … Continue reading

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